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We have 23 years' experience and offer work that is carried out in a professional manner. After many years in the industry we receive good prices that can be passed on to our customers. Contact us for an offer for your next event and we will co-operate down to the smallest detail.




We have a broad range of experience and good understanding that situations change, which will again lead to changes to the event's character. We will always do our utmost to accommodate different events.  

"The impossible just takes a little bit longer"



Legally required data is stored in secure archives and if needed electronically reported to altinn, etc. Our electronic invoicing system always follows the latest accounting changes to the Norwegian Accounting Act.  

Follow-up work

We are known for thorough follow-up work both with regard to the total review of all supplier invoices, follow-up with participants, necessary documentation, etc. In the invoices significant errors can be made for larger conventions and we have, at times, found large sums that must be credited by the hotels. Follow-up work is also comprised of following-up with participants, such as outstanding payments, sending out course documentation, sending out copies of invoices, forgotten items, etc. Finally, we work out a settlement set-up or deliver a project account with audit if desired.

Convention system

Our new self-defined convention system is based upon 23 years' experience and what is essential in relation to an event, whether it is a large convention with several thousand participants or a smaller event with 50-100 participants. New good co-operative partners are in place and we adapt our system to each enquiry. In the system we handle everything from websites for the event with the customer's logo and profile, to budgets that result in the recommended participant fee, to detailed enrolments within all needs, participant details, invoicing of participant fees, individual mail correspondence, course diplomas, exhibitor registration, name badges, all necessary lists and reports both to hotels, transport and bank credits/debits, project accounts, participant management before and during implementation, publication of abstracts, speakers, follow-up system in relation to invoice control, publication of lectures, self-defined administration pages for speakers with travel annex system, fee management, wages and payments to speakers, etc.

Environment and finance

We strive to have as much as possible electronically to both save the environment and money. All our correspondence is carried out electronically and we recommend the use of electronic invoicing, electronic information and programme on smart phones, etc.  



We offer personal follow-up and detailed preparations...

You will receive one contact person to relate to regardless of what the matter is. We work in a detailed manner with accurate progress plans in order to attend to all eventualities.

With 23 years' experience we know how important it is that everything is handled with security, integrity and knowledge. That's what we deliver!


You can focus on the day-to-day tasks...

We handle all practical and technical eventualities both before, during and after your event.

Don't allow your daily professional life to be filled with all event details that we can take care of for you! 


We tailor make the event down to the smallest detail

All our events are tailor made to suit our customers' needs, type of event and content. It can be anything from a purely professional one day event to a several day event, conventions, incentives, events with a gala dinner and entertainment, excursions, activities, etc.


You can concentrate on the professional content of the event and we'll take care of the rest

We leave the professional content to our customers. We are present before, during and after the event for general organisation. We can assist with programme division industry/break, time for lunch, elements of the industry such as culture, movement, short excursions and much more.

Let us prepare a suggestion for participants with regard to the industry!


You set out the desired parameters both professionally and practically

Send us the professional content, we will offer to set up a suggestion for a programme combined with other desired content. We will at all times quality assure both the schedule, determine distances between the potential use of parallel meeting rooms, and determine/run any distances for activities, excursions or external dinners to suit correct programme times. 

Security will always be a priority in our events. 


Take care of your guests - we'll take care of the rest

We are present during the implementation, set up the secretariat and take care of any eventualities. We supply a service minded staff, cheerful and up to the mark, well versed in all details. 

"The impossible just takes a little bit longer"