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National congress for the health sector

every other year from and including 2005, for approx. 1,300-1,600 participants

  • 5 day professional update for the health sector, culture, lunches, dinner event, etc.
  • 300 speakers divided into 40-50 courses
  • Project participation with professional committee
  • All practical preparations
  • Organised with own website for programme, enrolments, lodging, invoicing, printing of programme, course certificate, meals, cultural elements, evening events
  • Presence with hosts and hostesses
  • Course certificate
  • Payment of fees, wage and deductions and financial follow-up work


Nordic convention Nordic Forensic Psychiatric Symposium

150 participants over 3 days All organisation and implementation, own website for enrolments, invoicing, co-ordination of lodging and financial follow-up work.

Seminar for the watch industry

(from 2005) where 70 participants from the entire country participate in a 2-day conference with parallel sessions. Organisation with own website for enrolment, invitations, registration, invoicing, activities and entertainment, implementation and follow-up work.

IT - User conference

(customer 11 years) for approx. 300 persons with total co-ordination of the event with suggestion for destination, co-ordination of transport, enrolments, registrations, invoices, confirmations, 3-day professional conference with parallel sessions, entertainment, activities, implementation and follow-up work.

NATO meeting for the general staff

from all NATO countries with partners. 4-day event, practical preparations, registration of enrolments, lodging, professional meetings, different theme dinners with entertainment features, gifts, different partner trips, transportation, etc.

Customer event

with glacier trip and salmon fishing in Sogn and Fjordane.

Customer and supplier event

in Bergen with sea fishing, entertainment in the evenings including an exclusive concert in Ole Bull's house at Lysøen.

Company boat trips on the Oslo fjord

with both simple and exclusive meal service, such as seafood, gala dinner menus, barbecuing of a whole lamb on deck. Entertainment, dance and activities.

Co-ordination of VIP concert

Approx. 200 guests at the concert house for a German/Norwegian company. Planning and co-ordination of catering, transportation, VIP transportation, hostesses, registration of guests, etc..

Co-ordination of a long weekend event in Athens

in connection with the World Athletics Championship

Management group meeting in France

travel co-ordination, manor house experience with food and wine culture.

World Cup in Football event

Budapest and Amsterdam, 300 participants (co-operative partner involved).

Logistics manager for the Cycling World Championship

In 1993, responsible for 300 volunteers, departmental responsibility for 4 full-time employees within our field of responsibility in the organisation under the association Stiftelsen Norsk Sykkelsport..



Some of our customers

  • Helsesektoren
  • Nortime
  • Software Innovation
  • Siemens Business Services
  • Nec Computers
  • Forsvarets Overkommando     
  • Hydro Aluminium
  • MicroSoftware
  • CreditInform
  • Navision
  • Veba, Düsseldorf        
  • NHO
  • Stiftelsen norsk Sykkelsport
  • Liberalt Forskningsinstitutt
  • Lefdal Elektromarked
  • Grøner
  • Batavia  
  • Telenor Bedrift