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About Arrangementsupport AS

Arrangementsupport AS (PCO – Professional Conference organiser) has experience from small and large events, everything from budgeting, suggestions and ideas for planning from the start of an event to carrying out the event and follow-up work. We support the corporate market, organisations and clubs in connection with trade conferences, conventions, seminars, events, incentives, partner trips, cultural events and entertainment, etc. We have carried out a wide range of one to several days' trade events in addition to social experience trips, single day excursions, weekend events, pre and post trips, opening celebrations for new premises, etc. We comprise different solutions adapted to the customer's desires and the type of the event.

Arrangementsupport has a full Internet-based system for events of all types and sizes. Here all of the details are handled for your event.

Arrangementsupport AS was founded in 1990 and is operated by the undersigned. Consultants suited to each individual task are hired in as needed both beforehand and during implementation.

Cathrine Faye
General manager/owner


  • Administrative details
  • Professional and practical framework
  • Organising the types of activities and culture in relation to the customer group
  • We create a web page for your event
  • Safe storage of all data
  • Organisation of activities, cultural and social events


Our History

  • 1990


    Arrangementsupport (PCO – Professional Conference organiser) was founded. From an early start, we organised conferences for groups of 20-300 persons. In 1992 and 1993 we managed the logistics department at the Stiftelsen Norsk Sykkelsport to carry out the "World Championships in Cycling 1993" with 300 volunteers and 4 employees in the logistics department.

  • 2006

    First convention system

    Our first convention system was put into use and we received new and exciting enquiries for more comprehensive events parallel to other conferences and events.



  • 2008

    Arrangementsupport AS

    Arrangementsupport was changed to a limited company Arrangementsupport AS. Repeated conventions were asked for and carried out and the need for additional detailed systems was evaluated.





  • 2011

    More conventions

    Our new self-defined convention system was put into use and is still under continuous development. New good co-operative partners are in place and we adapt our system to each enquiry. The system handles everything from websites for events to detailed enrolment within all needs, participant details, invoicing of participant fees, individual mail correspondence, course diplomas, name badges, all necessary lists and reports both for hotels, transportation, banking, project accounting, participant management before and during the event, follow-up system in relation to invoice control, publishing of lectures, self-defined administration pages for speakers with a travel annex system, fee management, salaries and payment to speakers, etc.

  • 2013

    More conferences

    Arrangementsupport takes care of customer conventions but also conferences and incentives. Exciting co-operative partners in, among others, France, Spain and Greece are in place with experience rich winter and summer combinations, trades and activities.